Events — 23 February 2012
The aPORKalypse Is Coming To NYC And We Feel Fine!


The burnt ends are near! And this Saturday at 404 Space, New Yorkers of all walks of life will gather for a celebration of the pig like none other. It’s ‘aPORKalypse Now‘ and with two overloaded sessions, the event will include hogs prepared inventively by 14 chefs in a multitude of ways. While guests are chowing down on all batches of savory and salty goodness, they can sample some of the finest in craft beers with 50 different brewers including 15+ rare cask ales and some delicious local wines.

Five years ago, pork and beer fans could only dream about such an all inclusive event. Get Real NY has elevated events once commonly referred to as expos, transforming them into all out parties where everyone in attendance leaves full and with a boozy smile on their face. And if their Belgian beer festival was indicative of what’s to come this weekend, then we highly recommend you grab a ticket if you haven’t done so already. In keeping with our tradition of informing our readers with the very latest from event founders themselves, we were fortunate to sit down with Get Real NY producer Patrick Donagher to discuss some specifics about Saturday’s ‘aPORKalypse.’ Our conversation provided insight into how the event came together and what patrons can expect while walking the event floor, among other juicy, porky details. Lastly it should come as no surprise that the LocalBozo crew will be there in full force. So be sure to Tweet us out for a ‘meat’ up! With so many different food festivals and tasting events coming through Manhattan every year, aPORKalypse manages to have a different feel and excitement around it. How did this idea become a reality and why late February as opposed to later on in the warmer months?
Patrick Donagher: We love doing beer and food events and pork has always been on our minds. It makes no difference to us what time of year we do our events as the beer and food will always be of high quality. Our events are boutique, intimate, never over crowded, and a great learning experience. With ten chefs carving up ten hogs, can you elaborate on how participants were chosen and does each chef have carte blanche to serve up their hog however they like?
PD:  We now have 14 chefs preparing the hogs from snout to tail. We have no influence over the preparations which makes this even more exciting to see and taste what these guys are capable of! are some of the craft beer and cask ale participants and how were they selected?
PD: We have a fantastic selection of suds being poured at Get Real with a special focus on local brews like Sixpoint, Brooklyn, Captain Lawrence, Kelso, Greenport Harbor, Empire, and a few more! Cask ales are the main love for all of us at Get Real as Chris Cuzme and I thought up the first Get Real as a CASK ONLY event. We do have plans to do another CASK ONLY event in September, which I am more excited about than anything to bring back! With the event just about sold out, how many attendees can we expect at the event and how will the layout be set up to keep lengthy lines minimal?
PD:  We sold out, and sold out with 150 people BELOW capacity so the Get Real festival can be more comfortable for all guests. Can we expect any live demonstrations or hands on activities?  What other surprises are in store for guests?
PD: Yes possibly a carving demo, beer/food seminars, and a home brew demo. Anything else you’d like to add for the readers of
PD: Check out our website for upcoming and fun events and follow us on Twitter please @GetRealBeer.

- The Team

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