Events — 16 January 2012
Hand Of Glory Tattoo and The End Is Near: Friday the 13th Double Shop Tattoo Extravaganza

Blog: Hand Of Glory and The End Is Near

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Friday the 13th has been widely branded as an unlucky day. This is due to either ancient folklore or a franchise of popular 1980s slasher movies. But as of this past Friday in Park Slope, Brooklyn, it appears the curse has finally been reversed. Premiere Tattoo shops Hand of Glory and The End Is Near Gallery hosted their yearly all day Friday the 13th tattooing extravaganza. It would be an event where some of the best tattoo artists in the area would have their work on display for a low cost in a fun environment.

Starting at 10am, on one of the coldest days of the year, large crowds of ink fans poured into the two popular Park Slope tattoo parlors. The deal was simple and sweet- a chart was on display featuring local artists work that would cost customers only thirteen dollars to get inked. The overall goal was to make sure everyone who wanted a tattoo got one, and they did this with ease. I showed up at both shops during the 5pm hour and they were both jam packed. If that deal wasn’t sweet enough they had put a cherry on top. After the work was complete, every client was given a collectible wooden nickel that entitled them to specials at local joints such as Cafe Steinhof, Commonwealth Bar, Couleur Cafe, Toby’s, Bar 4 and De Luxe Cafe.

During my visit, I was impressed by the sheer volume of ‘tats’ these talented men and woman were pumping out. Since it was freezing outside, the small lobby of both parlors was loaded with people waiting to get these low priced, yet rare ink pieces. If one looked closely they would see an amazing contrast of people throughout the day. There were those who already had a body of work on their person, and those getting tattooed for the first time. Each customer was equally as happy, and had huge smiles every time a needle pierced their skin.

As you can see, a lot of awesome factors were in play on a day that is considered to be unlucky. But above all, two local businesses and their artists were able to show how talented they are and bring in money doing so. Not only does that benefit them, but it really helps the neighborhood thrive in showing what a small business can accomplish in an all-too-slow to recover economy.

- Jay Rubin

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