Events — 13 July 2011
Summer In Soho At Delicatessen

The heat, she is a rising. Luckily the great people at Delicatessen know how to cool us off during this intense heatwave. Tuesday night, Delicatessen teamed up with Satisfaction Vodka , for what would be dubbed, “Summer In SoHo.” It was a perfect reminder to show us why we love summer in the city.

The majority of the event was held in the restaurant’s courtyard space. “The Courtyard” sits under a glass ceiling and has a hand-painted mural and mirrors, which help to create a unique feel for any events. Tuesday’s sunset brought bold streams of light through the glass ceiling providing a cool way to enjoy an evening with fellow New Yorkers.

As an excellent contrast to the outdoor garden feeling of the courtyard space, there is the “The Minibar.” The Minibar, which is accessed through a narrow wood lined hallway, exudes intimacy. Glass bottles line the wall, each illuminated by subtle glowing lights. This was a cozy place to mingle while we enjoyed tasty passed around Hors D’ouvres like “Flash Fried Tuna Avocado Rolls” and “Sweet Seasame Chicken Lettuce Wraps.” The food was tasty and paired brilliantly with the evenings cocktails.

And a great deal of cocktails there were. Satisfaction Vodka was the liquor sponsor for the event and brought with it a delicious summery drink concoction. First, it must be said that Satisfaction is a crisp clean tasting brand on it’s own. This fact goes a long way when added to a mixologist’s creation. The night’s drink was the “Tilly,” A “Tilly,” made with muddled strawberry, lime, pomegranate juice, and then shaken with Satisfaction, served up.

Because of the high concentration of fresh fruit one gets with each sip, “The Tilly” is an ideal summer drink. The muddled strawberries and pomegranate blended well with the tart lime. It also didn’t hurt that the bartender had a heavy hand when it came to doling out the Vodka. And that is never a bad thing. The cocktails proved delicious and the atmosphere was energetic, making a return trip to Delicatessen for a restaurant review a must.

-Alan Smithee

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