Events — 05 July 2011
Palo Santo: The 5th Anniversary Celebration

In modern day Manhattan, a restaurant is lucky if it makes it through its first year in business. New York City and its boroughs are saturated with upstart eateries clawing to make a name for themselves.  Park Slope Brooklyn’s Palo Santo has succeed at not only surviving, but thriving as one of the more prominent restaurants in the borough today. Now celebrating it’s fifth year, owner/chef Jacques Gautier is using this momentous anniversary as a way to thank his patrons for making this success possible.

In honor of five years of service to the Park Slope community, Chef Gautier held a party to give back to his loyal customers Saturday. Palo Santo pulled out the big guns for an anniversary special- a whole pig roast.  Since Gautier was involved we knew going in that the meal and the evening would both be equally elaborate.

The celebration, which was open to the public, allowed patrons the opportunity to taste the pig two different ways. Tickets were sold at the front of the restaurant for each dish offered and the night’s options included a trio of “pig tacos” and a dish which was simply called the “pig plate.” Our table decided to go with both choices. The first of which, the pork tacos, were served authentic Mexican street food style, with a slice of radish as a garnish. These tacos were a perfect dish for those who wanted to sample the roasted pig, but only wanted a taste. They were an excellent mix of salty and savory.

Being one to always go for the gold, the “pig plate” was loaded with everything one could ask for.  And the best part about it was the fact that every ingredient was local. Jacques prides himself on only serving locally grown vegetables and locally raised meats. Each generous serving was perfectly roasted and tender. A small chunk of the pig’s skin accompanied the meat and it was roasted to a level where it becomes crunchy, often referred to as “crackling.” The cracking was moist and salty, tasting like one of the best pieces of pork rind that we have ever tried. An accompanying vegetable medley was served on the side featuring local spicy red cabbage slaw and fresh root veggies.

We live in a highly competitive city where restaurants have to fight to stay in business. That is why we are thrilled to see a place that we love thrive as Chef Gautier has found the perfect formula to both please his customers and at the same time, run a agriculturally sustainable and responsible, successful business. Here’s to many years of success! Cheers!

-Alan Smithee

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