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The Room Returns!

The LocalBozo crew has sung the praises of director Tommy Wiseau’s accidental masterpiece, “The Room” for quite some time.  And like a case of VD, it has returned. Yes, we are proud to announce that the film will be returning to it’s home at the Village East Cinema for a midnight showing on Friday, December 17th. This would be the perfect opportunity to grab some of your friends and head down there for a night filled with belly laughs and beer burps. Picture a theatre filled with like minded people who are all out for the same purpose- fun.

Since this may be your first viewing of “The Room” we would like to provide you with a list of the basic things you need to know and do, to fully enjoy the film, and not appear to be a newbie. Before we get going it must be said to fully enjoy this “movie,” it is best if one imbibes some spirits beforehand. What the heck, you should be drinking during the movie as well. We recommend you hit up one of the fine dive establishments located in the area.


Sounds cryptic right?  Well don’t worry we’ll tell you. For some reason, Tommy Wiseau thought that spoons were symbolic for something.  So throughout the film, you will spot framed pictures of spoons. The midnight audience uses these as a cue for some amazing audience participation. Each time the crowd sees these spoons, they will hurl plastic spoons at the screen and each other. Be sure to bring plenty of your own and pass some out to people in your row. They will love you for it.

Football Anyone?

Director Wiseau believes the characters on screen need to be throwing around a football to show the audience that they are men, and this is what men do. And in a quite ingenious turn, the audience reciprocates this by bringing footballs to the movie, and literally having a catch while the film is playing behind them.  When the LocalBozo crew attended the 10 year anniversary show at the famed Ziegfeld Theatre this past April, Tommy Wiseau himself surprised fans by showing up on the line outside the theatre and began throwing the ball around with them. That is some serious fourth wall breaking action.


This last one is highly ill-advised because of how gross it is. During one of the very odd parts of the film, Wiseau’s character Johnny, is with his beloved Lisa.  Lisa brings a tray of dark liquor, hence the Scotch part of the word, and she mixes it with Vodka, like this is a typical drink. That is why we believe this is some audience participation that is better left on the screen, as drinking this in the theatre could lead to some pretty nasty stuff. Since this is a midnight show, we recommend consuming an energy drink, and some cheap beer. It’s a solid combination.

One of the best parts of attending a midnight showing of the room in Manhattan is the chance to have one of many celebrity fans make a special appearance. Some of the famous fans of “The Room” include: Patton Oswalt, Justin Long, and comic duo Tim & Eric.  Another of the film’s biggest fans is comedian David Cross.  At a recent showing of “The Room,” Cross did a Q and A for the film, as a hyper, over the top caricature of Wiseau.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab tickets for you and your funny friends and head out to what will be one of the best nights you have all year. And hey if you really want to look like you’re a huge “Room-Head” you can rent or buy it on DVD and practice at home. But we highly advise you to keep the football and spoon throwing to a minimum. You don’t want to wake Mom.

- Alan Smithee

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