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Monday Night Fan Fiction: Mondays Are Fun Again

If you have ever been a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Star Trek, you are well aware of the seminal die-hard fan activity known as “Fan Fiction.”  Fan Fiction is the act of a fan(atic) of a current or defunct series, basically writing an original story about something they have always fantasized about happening on said show.  Sometimes they even insert themselves into the act and bring the story to life.

On the last Monday of every month, a dedicated group of actors brings these works of fiction to life.  The monthly event takes place at Fontana’s ( on the lower east side. The cover charge is a mere five dollars and the show is hosted by Timothy Charles Browne. His acerbic wit set an immediate tone to the evening, as he explained the many nuances of the art of Fan Fiction.

Monday Night Fan Fiction started off with a bang- a sex bang, with a hilarious performance from the comedy band, Ninja Sex Party.  The duo consists of lead singer Danny Sexbang and keyboard player, Ninja Brian.  Their sets begin with a very funny introduction of each musician, at which point Danny Sexbang broke into a rousing number about Ninja Brian and how he’s gay.  Since Brian is a Ninja, he doesn’t talk.  He simply emotes with his eyes.  After the song however, he shot Danny with a blow dart, which was hilarious.  Their set concluded with a funny video called Ninja Sex Party 4– The Sacred Chalice.  Some talented guys to start the show that we’d recommend you check out at

Each of the actors were handed writing portions of Fan Fiction for their individual reads and the laughs began to roll throughout the crowd.  Each of the readers shined in bringing their story to life.  Bradford Louryk read a Fan Fiction piece based on the popular WB family show, ‘7th Heaven.”  The plot surrounded one of its major male stars becoming a gay male prostitute and the story dealt with among other things, his relationship with his abusive pimp/boyfriend.

Another stand out read came from Clara Heller (a actress), who recited a short tale about the animated film, The Little Mermaid.  I cannot be certain of the age or gender of the original author of this piece but for some reason Iron Man made an appearance bursting through the wall.  It was quite jarring, since it started with us being “Under The Sea.”

The show concluded with a group read called “My Immortal,” which is already known by many on the inter-webs as quite possibly the worst piece of Fan Fiction ever written.  This provided great material for last Monday’s players.  “My Immortal” can best be summed up as a combination of Harry Potter Fan Fiction meeting overactive teen angst.  Several times during the reading, the audience was provided with “author’s notes,” which was essentially the author (most likely a self out-casted teen girl) shitting on people for being preppy if they didn’t understand the piece or if they didn’t shop at Hot Topic- which everyone knows to be a serious store, for serious Goths.

Monday Night Fan Fiction is a great, affordable way to spend a Monday night in New York City.  The price is right and the actors are wildly talented.  The Fan Fiction itself comes from potentially delusional individuals.  And this audience (myself included) took great pleasure in laughing at their work.

-  Alan Smithee

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