Events — 11 August 2010
All About Evil: The Peaches Christ 4-D Experience

The showing of a midnight movie is not a new thing.  It is simply a tradition in cinema that has grown into a cultural phenomenon.  Most of the credit is appropriately given to the infamous midnight cult classic, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”  In recent years it’s popularity has waned to a degree, with small theatre groups doing live shows around the country. But fear not fans of midnight, there is a new sheriff in town: Mr(s) Peaches Christ.  The popular L.A. drag queen and Horror Host has created a completed original midnight experience in 4-D. That’s right, Mrs. Christ has entered into a completely new dimension of entertainment.  These events called “Midnight Mass,” feature Peaches and a wildly talented cast introducing a cult classic, performed with over the top song, dance, and commentary.

The LocalBozo crew recently attended a very special “Midnight Mass,” at the Sunshine Landmark Theater on Houston Street.  Peaches Christ or Joshua Grannell (her name when out of drag), was the director of Saturday night Mass and the film shown was “All About Evil.”

Attending a “Midnight Mass,” affords you the full 4-D experience as soon as you enter the theatre.  Once we got on line, evil ushers were seen parading amongst the moviegoers and posters line the theatre’s walls promoting the fictional films that are seen in the movie.  When the time came to enter the theatre, we were greeted by two hulking drag queens dressed as twins in evil usher make up.  They wore dastardly scowls on their faces while they handed out Dixie cups to take a “shot” with the host later in the show.

Mass attendees entered in droves, filling the place to its capacity.  A large “Peaches Christ” logo was shown on the screen while music was pumped in.  One notable song was, “Party Time” by 45 Graves, which was featured in the cult classic, “Return of the Living Dead.” This was the perfect nod from Peaches to her fans who truly do love bloody, fun cult classics.

Once the song ended, our host arrived with a brood of zombies, trolls, and the Bride of Frankenstein, for an over the top floorshow featuring the rousing number “I’m a Gore Gore Girl.”  The crowd was in stitches!  Peaches then introduced the movie’s lead actress, Nastasha Lyonne (American Pie, Slums Of Beverly Hills).  Lyonne seemed genuinely thrilled to be there, and appeared quite appreciative to both Peaches and the fans.  After a couple more laughs and dance numbers, it was time to begin the film.

“All About Evil” stars Lyonne as Deborah (pronounced De-bore-A) Tennis.  The film opens with Deborah as a child performing at a talent show in her father’s classic movie house, The Victoria Theatre.  During her performance, she is electrocuted and from that point the film travels down many dark yet humorous roads.  It’s an excellent throw back to a John Waters meets Herschell Gordon Lewis film like “Blood Feast.”

In our humble opinion New York City needs more entertainers like Peaches Christ/Joshua Grannell.  These midnight happenings help one to relive a time in New York City that quite frankly, no longer exists.  It was refreshing to be a part of the experience, which leads me to believe that it is imperative for Peaches to relocate east and bring the “Midnight Mass” to the people, every week, at the Sunshine Landmark Theater!  So as Deborah says in the film “Enjoy the Show!!!”  Enjoyed it we did.  Indeed.

-  Alan Smithee

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