Everything Else Weekly Web Picks — 18 March 2011
LocalBozo’s Weekly Web Picks – 03/18/11

LocalBozo.com brings you the best in original content on the internet. That being said, sometimes we need to tip our hats to some of the other contributors on the World Wide Web. Every week, LocalBozo.com will bring you our Weekly Web Picks for some other Must-See content that we played no role in creating. This week’s picks are below.

- The “Hipster Trap” spotted in the East Village: EV Grieve

- Hate people who eat on the subway? So do we. But this woman took it a little too far: Fox NY

- A dramatic story, at the end of which nothing happens: Huffington Post

- What will the waterfront dining scene look like in 2012?: NY Grub Street

- Who knew you could find love through Chatroulette: Neatorama

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  1. Nice recap on the goings on in the city, I enjoyed watching all the stories/events and various takes on life’s experiences