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Marcy Playground’s Dylan Keefe Sits Down for an Interview with

Named after the Marcy Open grade school in Minneapolis, Marcy Playground became a household name with the release of their self-titled album in 1997. The record produced 4 singles including “Poppies,” “Saint Joe on the School Bus” and late 90’s anthem, “Sex and Candy.” The single helped the band to reign over the Billboard Modern Rock chart for 15 consecutive weeks. While the band was never truly able to re-create the massive hit that “Sex and Candy” became commercially, 1999’s Shapeshifter, and 2004’s MP3 (released after a brief hiatus) were both notable efforts.

In 2009, Marcy Playground released “Leaving Wonderland…in a Fit of Rage,” originally intended as a solo project for frontman John Wozniak, bassist Dylan Keefe re-entered the fold and the album was released under the band’s original moniker. 2010 marked a groundbreaking trail for the band as they pioneered a relationship with Indaba Music to offer fans the unique opportunity of contributing remixes of the songs on Leaving Wonderland. The band decided to upload each of the individual tracks from the album to the site, and let the fans take control. The best remixes were then selected and for the first time ever, fans were then compensated for their collaborations if they were fortunate enough to be placed on 2010’s “Indaba Remixes from Wonderland.” Marcy Playground believes that at some point, musicians who have never met before will contribute enough music to each other’s work to make a hit record and they are actively trying to promote these partnerships by way of example.

The band is a self-described loose, energetic rock trio, modeled after the great rock trios in music history. With so many challenges to the music industry since the band’s initial release, it’s clear that they are quite comfortable in simply hitting the road, and doing what they love to do: make people happy. Regardless of the acclaim of each album, the band has continued to tour throughout, and although a date is not yet in stone, Keefe promises the long awaited rarities album in the spring, hopefully to be followed by another album within a year.

After playing in Manhattan countless times over the years, the band has recently embarked on a new leg of dates, including an area stop on Saturday, December 18th at the Mercury Lounge and another at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn on January 19th, 2011. was fortunate enough to get an exclusive two-part interview with bass player and resident New Yorker, Dylan Keefe. Listen as we discuss the collaboration with Indaba, memories of early shows in Manhattan, encountering changes in the industry, and the band’s new music. Listen to the interview now!

Not familiar with Marcy Playground? Tracks You Must Hear Now:
Poppies, Sex and Candy, Sherry Fraser, Saint Joe on the School Bus, It’s Saturday, Punk Rock Superstar, Good Times, Blackbird

- Jane Van Arsdale

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