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Nonpoint’s Ken MacMillan Sits Down for an Interview with

Since 2000’s debut album “Statement,” the modern rock band Nonpoint has managed to remain consistently relevant despite a constant revolving door of hard rock acts. The Fort Lauderdale quartet originally joined forces in 1997, and through seven full length albums, including 2010’s “Miracle” the band has never truly strayed from the distinct sound that found them prominence. And their remarkable energy-filled stage show has consistently delivered for their rabid fans time and time again.

Perhaps what is most interesting about Nonpoint is the clear comfort that they’ve found in the position they’ve settled into as a band. Every couple of years the band will release a new album with some standout singles, tour relentlessly on the heels of the record, then head back into the studio, rinse and repeat. The band is perhaps most relaxed as a support act for a larger headliner, taking the stage earlier in the evening and leaving with a larger following than when they began. The head thrashing screams of frontman Elias Soriano, coupled with the frenetic, attention-grabbing bobbing of his long dreadlocks, bring Nonpoint crowds to a near frenzy.

The band’s aforementioned new release “Miracle” marks one of its most successful chartings ever at #59 on the Billboard 200 chart, with the title track debuting at #6 on the Billboard Hard Rock Chart. The current single “Frontlines,” has been playing consistently on SiriusXM’s Octane and is a song dedicated to the armed forces. It’s as catchy as anything they’ve written, and it flat out rocks.

After playing in Manhattan countless times as a support act, the band has recently embarked on a co-headlining tour with Los Angeles’ own In This Moment, and will make an area stop on Friday, December 3rd at Santos Party House and another at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on December 5th. was fortunate enough to get an exclusive interview with bass player Ken MacMillan. Listen as Ken discusses writing the new album, their upcoming trip to Australia, memories of playing at CBGB, and his feelings on being a support act versus a headliner. Ken gives a candid look inside one of the most formidable bands in modern rock today. Listen to the interview now!

Not familiar with Nonpoint? Tracks You Must Hear Now:

What A Day, Bullet with a Name, Alive and Kicking, March of War, Miracle, Frontlines, In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins Cover)

- Jane Van Arsdale

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