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LocalBozo.com’s Winter Preview: Volume 2

What You Need to Know About Winter Events in New York

Getting cold out there? Fear not, as your old pal Alan Smithee is here to bring you the second installment of the LocalBozo.com Winter Preview. We hope you have taken the time to visit some of the places outlined in part 1 of our winter preview series.  We know it’s getting cold outside, but that’s no reason to be a shut in.  And hey, once you hit up one of these locations, there’s always a bar nearby for a seasonal pick me up!

Columbus Circle Holiday Market December 1st – December 24th

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially at Columbus Circle!  As the winter holidays approach at a rapid pace, take a moment and head up to New York City’s storied Columbus Circle for some excellent shopping. The market, which is nicely caddy-cornered to Central Park, features everything that you could possible buy for that special someone in your life.

The fair is easy to locate once you arrive in the area.  All of the cute little gift huts are colored like candy canes, which is a nice seasonal touch.  Unlike like typical flea markets, the Columbus Circle Holiday Market sells mostly high quality and unique products which is essential for the last minute shoppers out there. You know who you are.  Since many of the products at the market are made from local artisans, each piece you buy is of the highest quality. From designer clothes to beautiful artwork, this place has it all.  And at the very least you will be supporting local NYC businesses, which we’re always in favor of.

If you’re hungry, then you’re also in luck as the fair is filled with food stands to satisfy any pangs. Since it is winter there is plenty of hot food to go aroundm- in a word they have lots of soups, and we’re not talking about chicken noodle. The fair has gourmet soups from around the world. While we are on the hot food tip, why not try a glass of hot cider, while you price out the funky tie you’re going to buy for your crazy uncle.

We advise that you arrive early, as the fair is known to get packed with New Yorkers and tourists alike. Call your friends, throw on your overcoat, and head on up to The Columbus Circle Holiday Market for a truly unique holiday shopping experience.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Winter November 9, 2010–March 15, 2011

It may be freezing outside, but that doesn’t mean destinations that are popular during the warmer months are closed during the winter season. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden boasts one of the most attractive landscapes in our fair city. All winter long, guests of the garden are invited to “Chase Away the Winter Blues.”

During each month this winter, licensed psychotherapist, and Botanical Garden tour guide, Lynn Spevack will be leading tours throughout the property. Visitors will follow Ms. Spevack as she explains why certain organisms react to the change in season. And her background as a psychotherapist will help her to provide some useful tips for keeping the winter blues at bay.

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree & Lighting November 30st

There is truly one end- all, be- all destination for the holiday season.  Of the true Icons of Christmas in New York City, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is definitely number one.  The famed spruce has already been placed in its historic location in the heart of Rockefeller Plaza directly in front of the famed Ice Rink, and next to 30 Rock. On Tuesday, November 30th, at 7pm, thousands of people will descend on the Plaza for the infamous tree lighting.

Yes, the lighting is the main attraction, but the night does not end there. Every year the NBC Network covers the event, with musical performances by today’s hottest recording artists. The popularity of the tree lighting is known the world over. That is why we once again advise you to arrive very early, and make sure to listen to the radio and check website’s for updates. Many of the streets surrounding Rockefeller Plaza will be closed down, so forget about driving anywhere near the event.

The best part about the Christmas tree is that after the lighting ceremony ends, you can enjoy the tree all season long, right up to New Year’s Day. This is a perfect opportunity to take part in something that New Yorkers have revered for decades.  This Norway spruce, with 30,000 LED lights, will put a smile on your face, and show you what the season is really about: joy! Also… It smells great!

Well, there you have it New York! That is your official 2nd edition of LocalBozo.com’s Winter Preview. Heat up some chocoa, put on your long-johns, and hit the streets of the city you love. These events may happen every year, but the experience you take away is worth being cold for a little while. Season’s Bozo!

- Alan Smithee

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